Training & Development

Diverse formats are used to facilitate development including but not limited to, workshops, coaching, and small group seminars.


Conflict Management:

Most employee related issues result from internal organizational conflict. AllMac & Associates provides a strategic analysis and practical correction strategies to aid in the successful and sustainable resolution of the issue. If needed, we provide third party neutral mediation services to assist in the resolution of the conflict. We also provide conflict correction training to effectively equip your staff in effectively addressing difficult issues prior to them escalating to a critical state.

Executive Coaching:

AllMac & Associates offers coaching services to its key management staff to help them evaluate and improve their approach to successfully leading their organization. Through a proven approach, we have helped organizations evaluate and unlock barriers that have prevented them from reaching their fullest potential. We leave our clients with practical, sustainable approaches that can be adopted into the culture of the organization with ease.

Human Resources Administration & Operations:

Based on your Human Resources needs, AllMac & Associates provides full-service assistance in the establishment and/or maintenance of your Human Resources functions. From compliance, benefits, policy & procedure development, to employee relations and training WE CAN HELP!


We offer a variety of training approaches to meet your organization's needs using state of the art resources through various training platforms. If you are seeking assistance in identifying and developing training for your organization please contact us to further discuss how we can help.
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